Comfort has a good name

The WALDLÄUFER brand stands for shoes offering a tangible
difference in walking comfort. The pioneering, high-quality shoe
concept continues to be realised at manufacturing company
Lugina, which has its headquarters in Schwanheim in
Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.
  • Production.
    From the design to the
    finished WALDLÄUFER shoe

    A three-dimensional model using so-called "lasts" is the origin of every WALDLÄUFER shoe. The detailed design work takes place on a computer. Patterns are produced for all sizes and widths on this basis.
  • Production.
    The gentle touch for your feet

    Subsequent manufacturing requires extensive knowledge and is based on experience passed on and refined from generation to generation and from master craftsman to apprentice. A steady hand and lots of fine feel are required to make a good shoe. This is because accuracy and care are particularly important in shoe production.
  • Production.
    Best quality, best leather

    Only the best, specially selected leather is used for manufacturing, and it is left as natural as possible. This guarantees the particular softness and high breathability of WALDLÄUFER shoes.


Service and support


Wasgaustr. 2 A
76848 Schwanheim / Pfalz
Phone: +49 63 92 / 92 26 - 0
Fax: +49 63 92 / 92 26 - 66


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