Waldläufer Mydeer

Remarkably soft and tender, yet stable in its shape. Shoes from our Waldläufer MyDeer series are made of genuine deerskin. The most outstanding feature of this leather is its high wearing comfort, which is guaranteed by the smooth and soft texture of the leather. Treat yourself and go for comfortable Waldläufer shoes.

The Waldläufer MyDeer series has been developed to fit every foot shape perfectly. They are also highly breathable and therefore reduce perspiration on the feet significantly – and that provides extraordinary wearing comfort.

Due to its tender and smooth surface, deerskin is extremely soft. The material is very elastic and therefore perfectly adapts to the shape of your foot. Pressure points are avoided, wearing comfort increases.

The leather is characterised by its etremely high breathability and sweat absorbing properties – features that ensure a very comfortable foot climate.
Further advantages that come with deerskin are temperature regulating characteristics: it has a warming effect in winter and a cooling effect in summer.

Despite its fine and light structure, deerskin is extremely durable and sturdy. Next to kangaroo leather and ostrich leather, deerskin is considered to be one of the most robust leathers.

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